Hello Clocky, Nice To Meet You

Apparently I have mastered the alarm-turn-off without waking up.  I’m normally not that skilled.  Normally even if my hand subconsciously flies towards the bedside table, I knock off my glasses or water and suddenly my eyes shoot open.  But apparently my flying hand has become more stealth. Two mornings in a row now I have overslept.

I think I am in desperate need of this thing I didn’t know existed.  Clocky.

Clocky: The alarm clock that runs away

Who knew?  Possibly a lot of you, but I didn’t.  I think this is genius.

I also think it opens up my world to a lot of early morning injuries.  I see this thing taking off and me lunging out of bed for it before my feet are untangled from the sheets.  I see it rolling under the bed and inciting a panic because my husband does not get up as early as I get up.  (If there was one advantage to being a guy, I think it’s the five minute get-ready period.)  I see myself banging into anything and everything, while tripping on whatever I left on the floor the night before.

But I also see me getting to work on time.  Because after you’ve chased your alarm clock around the pile of dirty laundry and into the walk in closet, which is where mine would probably head, you’ve got to be awake.