Lamb Cake Surgery Needed For My Sanity

The moon is huge and bright this morning.  I haven’t seen it in the early morning for a long time… I’m ok with not repeating this anytime soon either.  I haven’t been an early morning person lately.

But I am today because I want to get home.  I haven’t seen my family since Christmas, and while that may be standard operating procedure for many families out there, it’s not for mine.  My sister and I are six years apart but extraordinarily close.  I only lived a few hours away when I was in college, which meant I could go home a lot to see her grow up.  And once she was old enough, her weekends with were some of my favorite times.

But now she’s taken over my college town, and I’m even farther away.  We have competing schedules and a four + hour drive between us, and I haven’t seen her since we returned from our winter break vacation in January.  And seeing her then was ending our longest ever withdrawal from each other.  I miss her horribly.

I need this trip.  It almost got called off because of my husband’s accident… I’m still not sure how he’s going to manage five hours in the car.  But he says the heated seats recline and he’ll be drugged, and he swears it will be fine.  I think he knows how badly I need to get out of this apartment and this city and away from everything for a few days.  And I need to hug my mom. And eat my dad’s homemade pizza.  And have sister time.  And try to avoid surgery on the lamb cake.

The lamb cake is a tradition in our family.  He’s chocolate. He’s tasty.  And he typically loses an ear (see above).  Poor thing needs surgery more often than not.  Perhaps not a perfectly crafted cake tin.  But it’s old and passed down and one of the best things about Easter is me and my sister giggling as he struggles, mom’s expert fixes, and green food coloring on everyone’s fingers.

I’m hoping it will my rejuvenate my soul a little bit.  I’m running on my last fumes of sanity and this might just be what gets me through the next 42 days.

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