Thanks Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe via Pinterest

Don’t tempt the fates.  I learned that this week.  Just when you think things can’t get any worse… Oh, they can.  Totally can.  Because on top of everything else, you can get sick.

I spent most of yesterday in bed with a pile of medicine and a pile of books.  I was cranky, and a little high on mixing medicines, watching old episodes of One Tree Hill from who knows when just because I found them on Netflix and I knew they wouldn’t require any mental energy as I tried to keep writing about long tax provisions.

When my husband got home, he had brought me more medicine and treats.  And I felt like the crappiest wife ever.  The apartment wasn’t clean.  The laundry wasn’t done.  I had made no progress on the things I had wanted to do around the house.

And then it started to storm.  Thunder, lightning, pouring rain… Enough to make the lights flicker and the satellite go out a few times.  And I just sat there, staring at the window.  I wanted to go play outside, but my husband didn’t agree that it would be good medicine.  But the smile he gave me was.  I’m nuts.  Absolutely ridiculous sometimes.  Sometimes I’m not the perfect wife and I’m not the perfect homemaker… and my perfectionist self doesn’t appreciate those times.  But my husband appreciates me anyway.  Sometimes, when I’m sure he’s going to send me off in a straight jacket, he just smiles at me in this adoring way, and everything’s a little bit better.

I’m going to spend most of the day sitting through classes where I have no idea what’s going on,  because the only combination of medicines that makes me able to function physically makes me unable to function mentally.  At the end of the day, the apartment still won’t be clean and my work still won’t be done.  And I will, undoubtedly, be ridiculous again.  But we’ll get through it. Laughter and chocolate will help.  And knowing that someday we’ll be stronger for getting through this together.

Life is a lot of things right now, but it’s never boring.

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